martes, 5 de mayo de 2015


Calvin Klein Concept Series is a timeless classic wardrobe. Series of underwear including bras and women waist up bra and tights a small vest, pants Calvin Klein beauty always reveals the soft and smooth. In addition to the eternal black and white, new underwear with a pattern of beautiful spring shade, such as lavender and cherry. New season style showing the soft tones and final designs. Introduced the theme of light and shade and flowers, Honeysuckle Rose bud in the elegant lace, embroidery sleepwear, bra and matching pants also has a romantic color. Positive Push once again return to the new pink begonias, jasmine Naked Glamour features new patterns.

Important style of Calvin Klein is an attractive product in your ad, this feature has been put into full play, it is portraits advertising nude is often used to create the perfect image of art, sometimes Calvin Klein made a little walk a line very fine to allow a minor female models underwear-as supposed exposed to an erotic pose in their underwear ads, caused considerable controversy, also suffered from the interference of the British Advertising Standards Agency. Sexy in respect of Calvin Klein is varied, advertising as recently gone beyond skinny and decadence, replaced by a group of young, vibrant, healthy people, Underwear Calvin Klein young people have a smile, share a warm charm easily captured the hearts of consumers. Famous lingerie brand Calvin Klein has been favored handsome looks handsome athletes as spokespersons were invited to join the Swedish forward Freddie Ljungberg to play in the Premier League Arsenal, Beckham and Ronaldo C-biggest names ultra-popular star is same place for Armani underwear series.
Calvin Klein said he was active in social life and family tim, and strike a balance in which the women wear modern design. They are a group of great importance to the soul, man is decent, but not too long in the full length mirror in front of women. They want a relaxed, casual and stylish wardrobe, I think this is the future trend.

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  1. Hola buenas, querria hacer un pedido de 50 calzoncillos CK, me gustaria que me mandases el catalogo de calzoncillos ck, ya q en la web que he encontrado tu anuncio se ven borrosos, y es para mirar colores.. Un saludo.